Welcome to the DELTA Lab at Georgia Tech!
The Georgia Institute of Technology's DELTA Research Laboratory develops theory and conducts empirical studies on organizational phenomena including: multiteam systems, leadership, and team effectiveness. 

Our Current Research
As of Fall 2014, our research group is working on several multi-university projects. Click on the "projects" link above to find out more info!

About Dr. Leslie DeChurch, Lab Director
Leslie DeChurch is Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Professor DeChurch's research interests include leadership and teamwork in organizations. She leads an active and energetic research laboratory investigating what makes effective team leaders, how teams successfully collaborate across boundaries, and how leadership and team dynamics are sustained in virtual organizations.

New Book from Dr. DeChurch!
Multiteam Systems: An Organization Form for Dynamic and Complex Environments
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Kudos & Announcements
DELTA Lab is now recruiting motivated undergraduate students at Georgia Tech who are interested in gaining research experience. No prior experience is required, but an interest in research and particularly in teams is preferred. Please contact Dorothy Carter at Dorothy.carter@gatech.edu for further information.

DELTA congratulates Amy Wax on her NSF award that allowed her to do research in China over the summer!

Congratulations to Dorothy Carter, Leslie DeChurch, & Steve Zaccaro for their best paper proceedings publication at the 74th Annual meeting of the Academy of Management!​

Congratulations to Zachary Gibson for winning a Summer 2014 PURA salary award and to Sidni Vaughn for winning a Spring 2014 PURA travel award!