EAWOP Presentations

Berente - Loose Coupling and Multiteam Systems

Chollet - From forming to performing: The Relational Underpinnings of Innovation in Cross-Functional Multiteam Systems

Contractor - Some Assembly Required: Organizing in the 21st Century

Contractor - Computational Social Science

Davison - Determinants of Goal Focus Across Multiteam System Levels

DeChurch - Leading Innovation in Multiteam Systems

deVries - Does Intrapersonal Functional Diversity Promote or Hinder MTS performance?

Essens - Does a multiteam system improve management of rail network calamities? Evidence from an international analysis

Goodwin - Complexity in Organizations: Advancing the Science of Multi-team Systems

Grote - Multiteam systems in the air - Adaptive coordination through speed leadership and speaking up

Harvey - Emergence & Evolution in Multi-Team System in High Ambiguity Settings

Hinsz - Social and Informational Dynamics of Multi-Cultural Multi-Team Systems

Ilgen - Multiteam Systems: What paths forward?

Kou - Managing Multi-Team: A Comparative Study of Distributed Versus Collocated Multi-Team Engineering Projects

Kugler - Multiteam Systems from the Members' Point of View

Leenders - Once Upon a Time: The Process of Structures in MTSs

Mesmer-Magnus - "Teams of Teams" or Multiteam Systems?: Meta-Analytic Insights

Resick - Building Ownership in Multiteam Knowledge Management System Projects

Robinson - Fieldwork with teams: practical problems and proposed solutions

Stadie - Critical factors contributing to effective multi-team leadership and collaboration in a German Incident Command Team

Standifer - Time in Multiteam Systems: Establishing an Understanding of Temporal Influences in MTSs

Zaccaro - Multilevel Confluent and Countervailing Dynamics in Multiteam Systems