ARI: Coevolutionary Networks

Project Personnel
Noshir Contractor (Co-PI), Northwestern U.
Leslie A. DeChurch (Co-PI), Georgia Tech
John Mathieu (Consultant), U. of Connecticut
M. Scott Poole (Consultant), U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Mike Braun (Post-Doctoral Researcher), Georgia Tech
Raquel Asencio (PhD Student Lead), Georgia Tech
Betul Benzer (Undergraduate RA)
Sidni Vaughn (Undergraduate RA)

Funded By: Army Research Institute (ARI)

Many of the most urgent and complex problems require organizational structures that join the efforts of individuals working together within and across boundaries. Current theory on organizations does not entirely capture the complexity of these structures, and so this project aims to develop new theory that merges multiteam systems and networks.

In an effort to do this, we first consider organizations as networked, goal-driven collectives whose performance is dependent on three key drivers: cognition, affect, and behavior. Secondly, we make use of unobtrusive measurement to see how these drivers develop in real-time. By considering multiteam systems and network theories together, we can understand the effectiveness of these collectives as a function of the coevolution of cognitive, affective, and behavioral networks.

In year 1, we develop new theory explaining multiteam system (MTS) functioning as multiplex, multilevel, dynamic networks and develop the network algorithms to model MTSs in this way. In year 2, the project team will leverage archival data on MTSs to develop the modeling scheme and network indices needed to test our theory. In year 3, the project team will use the theory and analytics developed in the first two years to investigate the role of leaders in optimizing MTS networks.